dyeing fiber

A springtime dyeing

Last week, I took to my wheel to spin. This week I had to dye more roving to spin. So I got out my wool (100% alpaca).

I measured out 59 grams. I hoped to end up with at least 50 grams. Next, I soaked the wool roving in a water/vinegar mix for 30 minutes. I used 4 cups of water and 1/2 cup of vinegar. The vinegar will help set the dye.

While the roving was soaking, I prepared my dye solution.

I used jars of warm water and added drops of food color. 20 drops of the green and blue, and 10 drops of the yellow.

Next, I drained the roving and put it on a cooking sheet covered with plastic wrap.

I added just enough water /vinegar mix to the roving to make the roving moist again. Then I used an oral syringe, like the kind you would give liquid medicine to kind, to add the dye to the roving. The added water solution helped the dye to spread through the roving.

This color way reminds me of an Easter egg! After I finished putting the dye on the roving, I pulled the plastic wrap over the top of the roving and made a packet out of it. Then I place the cookie sheet and plastic covered roving outside in the sun. The heat will help the dye to set.

I left the dyeing roving out in the sun for a couple hours, then brought it back in the house to wash it.

Then I sat it out to dry….

To be continued next week.