Springtime Dyeing continued

Last week I wrote about dyeing a piece of roving that reminded me of an Easter egg.


I was impatiently waiting for it to dry when I last left you. Since then it has dried and I have begun to spin it.

If you have been following my blog, you will recall that I got a new spinning wheel a couple of weeks ago. However, I am not using a spinning wheel to spin this yarn. I am using a drop spindle to spin this yarn by hand. And so the adventure begins…

I took the dried roving to the blending board to comb it and make rolags.  When the board gets full, I use a pair of Mom’s knitting needles to make the rolags.  I simply roll the fiber from the board into the needles, slightly pulling the fibers as I roll.

Here are some of my rolags…

Then I started spinning the rolags with the drop spindle…

It is a slow, tedious process, but totally addictive and relaxing. I think it is amazing that my vividly bright roving is turning out very pastel-ish.  It doesn’t look very much like an Easter egg anymore, but it is still looks like springtime.  It is a pale bluish-green.

As of the writing of this post, I am about halfway through spinning the approximately 60 grams of roving.

In the meantime, I have already dyed my next roving and it is drying. I also hit the sales aisles for discounted Easter egg dye.

Stay tuned…next week I will attempt to have my Easter egg roving completely spun!