Welcome to No Idle Hands! This blog was started in memory of my mother whose hands were never idle. She knitted and crocheted for most of her life. She sold items and donated items for worthy causes. When I was small, she used to sell her crafts to be able to buy gifts for Christmas and my birthday. She was generous woman with a wonderful heart. She wanted to make people happy.

The purpose of No Idle Hands is to continue her legacy. I want to share the wisdom that she imparted to me. I am also looking to expand the charitable heart that she had. By creating this platform, I am hoping to gain readers who can help me find worthy causes for crafting. I am also hoping that I can generate a small income to keep this endeavor afloat. It was be simply marvelous if I could craft full-time and pay all my bills this way! My ultimate dream is to own a yarn shop and teach people how to knit and crochet…but mostly knit because I like it better!

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