Darn Good Yarn–A Journey in Yarn Subscriptions

On Monday, I got my first box from Darn Good Yarn. This is a new thing for me–I mean getting yarn that is a total mystery. I like yarn shopping. No…I LOVE yarn shopping. I love the smell, the look, and the feel of yarn. If I could taste yarn, I probably would. So, to receive a box of yarn that I know nothing about caused me a little bit of anxiety. My motivation for doing such a crazy thing was because I might want to start a yarn of the month program later on when I am independently wealthy and have my own yarn line.

So here are my “unboxing” photos. Maybe next month, I will make a video instead. I have to say that, at this point in my blogging career, I am not being sponsored by this company. (Who knows? Maybe in the future I will be!)

My delightful new yarn came in a pretty purple box…

This is what the inside of the box looked like when I opened it…  the yarn smelled absolutely magnificent.  Exotic and rich.  I can’t adequately describe it!  I hope all of their yarn smells this nice!

My mystery yarn was a very pretty variegated yarn in bright rainbow colors. The name of it is Watercolors.  It is hand-spun and hand-dyed.  It is a worsted weight silk yarn made from bamboo.  

I also got a crochet hook and a pair of knitting needles made from wood with a purple coating on the tips.

I also got a free gift…more silk yarn.  It is red and gray.  This yarn is also hand-spun and hand-dyed.

Since Monday, I have started a cowl.  The project was in the book that is not pictured.  The project booklet  contains a knit and a crochet pattern.  There is enough yarn to complete either project.   SO of course, I opted for the knit project

So if I learned nothing else from this experiment, I learned that I want to learn to spin my own yarn. I had toyed with the idea, but after knitting with this yarn I am hooked. I think I will definitely start spinning my own yarn in the near future.