A job well done…

So to follow up on my last post about the grannies… I finished 2 days early!  It is always nice to finish a project, so I can hurry on the next. 

I have so many projects that I want to do! I have to keep a balance of charity-to-paid projects, so that I can finance my charity projects. 

My next paid project is a commissioned afghan that is wedding gift.  I will post pictures when I finish that…

I have to get serious for a sec.  Mom used to get frustrated when people just wanted her to give away her stuff. She didn’t mind giving donations, but when someone just wanted her to give them, say an afghan, that didn’t sit too well. I am starting to understand why. 

My last project with the granny squares didn’t cost me any thing. I used odd and ends of what I had left over.  The thing that is precious is the time that is involved.  I can make a granny square is 20-30 minutes,  if I am not multitasking.  So, you figure 2-3 squares an hour.  At 48 blocks, that took somewhere between 16-24 hours.  That’s almost as many hours as a part-time job takes in a week–and that was a simple project.

Please don’t misunderstand.  The main benefit of doing crocheting and knitting is because I  enjoy it.  I also like helping others.  So it is a win-win. But, sometimes, someone will scoff at the price of a handmade treasure.  Wow. Really? Even if I charged $5 per hour for the project I just completed that would be $80-120.  Crafters really do not get paid for their time.

If someone ever makes you something, consider the time they put into it.  Odds are, that they must really love you if they would spend the time to make you something.

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