The “roots” of No Idle Hands

Sherrie Barber was a truly wonderful woman who recently passed away on January 17, 2019. I was honored to call her my mother.

Mom crocheted since she was small, then she picked up knitting in her 20’s. Both of my grandmothers help to teach her how to knit and crochet. Crafting was how Mom occupied her time. Later in life, Mom had COPD which limited what she could do in the last years of her life. Most of her time was spent crocheting or knitting because it did not take much air or energy.

Mom was never “idle”. She made countless hats, mittens, blankets, puppy sweaters, and whatever anyone needed or wanted. When she finished her projects on Facebook with the tagline — No Idle Hands.

So to carry on her memory and her generous spirit, I am honoring her spirit with this blog. I will chronicle my projects–the sort of projects that Mom would do. I also hope to share my knowledge of knitting and crocheting like Mom would have done.