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Crockpot Dyeing

So, this week I am experimenting with dyeing and spinning. Spinning is not so good, but dyeing is phenomenal! I am totally in love with dyeing. I have been watching YouTube videos for about 2 weeks and reading articles on dyeing. Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of the process of the first skein, but I captured the process on the second skein. As I am typing this post, I am soaking the third skein to be dyed. The only difference is that I used food color to dye the first skein and Easter egg dye for the second. The third will be dyed with Kool-Aid.

I am using. Knit Picks white yarn; I got a ten pack from Amazon. It is 100% Peruvian Highland wool. It is a 50 grams, which is approximately 2 ounces.

To prepare the yarn, I soak the skein in eight cups of cold water and half cup of plain white vinegar. I use a crock pot to gently warm the yarn and water/vinegar solution. I am using Mom’s Pioneer Woman Crockpot. I use the warm setting.

Next, I prepared the dye. I opted to dissolve the dye than to drop the tablets in the water.

When the water got nice and warm, I started spooning the dye into the yarn.

I probably shouldn’t have used all the dye…

It looked pretty until all the dye ran together. So, mental note, less dye next time.

I left it setting all night in the crock pot. I switched off the crock pot before I went to bed. Then I let everything alone to cool.

The green just kind of overtook the whole pot. Oh well! I rinsed out the yarn with cool water and clear dish soap. Then. I laid it out to dry in the sun for about 30 minutes.

Here are the three finished skeins…

The left one is dyed with food color. The middle is the dyed with Easter egg dye. The one on the right is dyed with Kool-Aid.


On to brighter things….

So I finished spinning the springtime roving from two weeks ago. I ended up with a 49 gram ball and one itty, bitty ball.

I ended up with a little ball because it was leftover after I doubled plied the yarn.

I wasted no time jumping into the roving I dyed last week. I started with yellow roving and added red and blue to the roving. It turned out somewhat bright and just plain odd!

The roving on the blending board…

The rolags….

On the drop spindle…

I still am amazed at the difference between the dyed roving and the spun yarn. The color transformation is astounding!   I hope the results will be about the same–approximately 50 grams.


Springtime Dyeing continued

Last week I wrote about dyeing a piece of roving that reminded me of an Easter egg.


I was impatiently waiting for it to dry when I last left you. Since then it has dried and I have begun to spin it.

If you have been following my blog, you will recall that I got a new spinning wheel a couple of weeks ago. However, I am not using a spinning wheel to spin this yarn. I am using a drop spindle to spin this yarn by hand. And so the adventure begins…

I took the dried roving to the blending board to comb it and make rolags.  When the board gets full, I use a pair of Mom’s knitting needles to make the rolags.  I simply roll the fiber from the board into the needles, slightly pulling the fibers as I roll.

Here are some of my rolags…

Then I started spinning the rolags with the drop spindle…

It is a slow, tedious process, but totally addictive and relaxing. I think it is amazing that my vividly bright roving is turning out very pastel-ish.  It doesn’t look very much like an Easter egg anymore, but it is still looks like springtime.  It is a pale bluish-green.

As of the writing of this post, I am about halfway through spinning the approximately 60 grams of roving.

In the meantime, I have already dyed my next roving and it is drying. I also hit the sales aisles for discounted Easter egg dye.

Stay tuned…next week I will attempt to have my Easter egg roving completely spun!

dyeing fiber

A springtime dyeing

Last week, I took to my wheel to spin. This week I had to dye more roving to spin. So I got out my wool (100% alpaca).

I measured out 59 grams. I hoped to end up with at least 50 grams. Next, I soaked the wool roving in a water/vinegar mix for 30 minutes. I used 4 cups of water and 1/2 cup of vinegar. The vinegar will help set the dye.

While the roving was soaking, I prepared my dye solution.

I used jars of warm water and added drops of food color. 20 drops of the green and blue, and 10 drops of the yellow.

Next, I drained the roving and put it on a cooking sheet covered with plastic wrap.

I added just enough water /vinegar mix to the roving to make the roving moist again. Then I used an oral syringe, like the kind you would give liquid medicine to kind, to add the dye to the roving. The added water solution helped the dye to spread through the roving.

This color way reminds me of an Easter egg! After I finished putting the dye on the roving, I pulled the plastic wrap over the top of the roving and made a packet out of it. Then I place the cookie sheet and plastic covered roving outside in the sun. The heat will help the dye to set.

I left the dyeing roving out in the sun for a couple hours, then brought it back in the house to wash it.

Then I sat it out to dry….

To be continued next week.


Spinning Yarn

Last week, my new spinning wheel arrived. It was a much anticipated event. I have been looking forward to it for awhile. No, it does not have any sharp points that I can prick my finger on…no Sleeping Beauty Part II here…lol.

I had to put it together myself, but it helped me to understand how the wheel works to help troubleshoot problems while spinning. I also had to stain it myself–which was no problem either.

I also purchased a blending board to make rolags to spin. But, a blending board, as gratifying as it is, isn’t completely necessary. Spinning can be achieved from just using the wool roving.

The blending board and roving.

A single rolag.

Lots of Rolags.

So after a week of playing with the wheel, I have 3 balls of yarn that weigh about one ounce or 25 grams.

I would like give a very special shout-out to the Etsy store where I got my Spinning wheel. The name of the shop is BlueBonnetSpinning. They were very helpful in helping me get started. The gentleman provided a DVD on each part of the process. He is also on YouTube.


My crazy, busy life…

It has been a long couple of weeks. My work schedule was crazy last week, I have been sick most of this week. Needless to say, I haven’t gotten much accomplished.

Something I did do was to find a pattern on my mom’s iPad for some Easter ideas. She has a ton of stuff on there. I will never be bored again!

I found the pattern for these cute little bunny pins.

I thought I might make a few and stick them in my stand at the Golden Rose.

I also got my spinning wheel ordered. It should be here tomorrow.

Another thing that I have accomplished is more yarn dyeing. I used pink food coloring gel and sprinkles. I think yarn turned out pretty cool. It is still drying…

I have put all of my thus dyed yarn in my Etsy shop.

So even though it has been hectic on my little homestead in the woods, I still have gotten a few things accomplished.

See ya next week!